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UPSET WITH Oklahoma Soccer Association

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UPSET WITH Oklahoma Soccer Association

Post by t-town05 on Wed May 21, 2014 2:50 pm

How many people received this email today?  And does anyone have another side to the story?

> Please forward this to every single person you know in the soccer community. A grave injustice it being done to the WSA 99 Boys. In my opinion OSA is kicking them out of state cup soley because it appeared they were going to win. Read on and let me know what you think.
> OSA website has state cup rules posted, in the rules it states teams may have up to 5 players who were previously rostered with another team during the 2013/2014 season. In the 99 boys age group almost every top team picked up a couple players from another team. WSA 99 Boys picked up one player from another club whose team was not playing in state cup. He was rostered legally, the same way that WSA has rostered all player from other clubs, for state cup, over the past three years, with the guidance of OSA. OSA put him on WSA 99 Boys state cup roster and approved his player pass, exactly the same way they have done for players in similar situations over the past 3 years.
> Almost every person on the OSA board is now, or once was, affiliated with either TSCH or OFC, the two "big money" clubs in Oklahoma. WSA, on the other hand, is known as the "poor" club, because WSA is one of the most reasonably priced clubs in the state and they never turn away a player because that player cannot afford to pay. WSA is kid centered and exists for the benefit of the kids and not for the money. A fairly unique concept, but it's working, in recent years WSA has sent more teams, per capita, to the state cup semi finals and finals than any other club. Maybe because they have more college coaches on staff then any club in Oklahoma, who knows the reason. But apparently it is not setting well with OSA.
> Maybe I'm wrong, you be the judge. WSA 99 Boys registered for State Cup, OSA checked the roster, player passes and medical releases. WSA played and won their first two games on Saturday. Sunday WSA 99 Boys played OFC 99 Boys, a great team, who, last I checked was ranked #1 in State, #2 in Region and in the Top 10 teams in the Nation. The game started out close, but as it went on WSA 99 Boys started to completely dominate OFC, in every position, all over the field. The OFC goalie had many amazing saves but WSA was working OFC and dominating the game. Right in the middle of the game two upset OSA officials came over and pulled me, the manager aside, and started questioning me about our players. I told them everyone was legal, we had player passes for everyone and everyone was on the roster. Still they were upset, they called the linesmen over, away from the game, while the game was still being played, kept him away from the game for awhile, I could not hear what was being said but in my heart I felt like something along the lines of you better not let WSA win. What other reason could they possibly have to pull a linesmen away from our game, right in the middle of the game? The game wound up tied 1-1, OFC scored on a free kick but I don't remember them having any shots on goal other than free kicks, at least not second half. The entire second half the ball rarely crossed the half way line. The score of 1-1 was not indicative of the game, any impartial bystander would say it clearly looked like WSA 99 Boys were headed for a state championship this year.
> Tuesday morning when all the WSA 99 Boys went to school they were each approached by players from TSC and told that their team (our team) was being kicked out of state cup. Apparently, Monday night OSA decided State cup would be better off with TSC and OFC going to the finals and told a second TSC team they were kicking WSA out of state cup so the two TSC teams could play each other in the Semis. WSA was not notified until long after all of TSC knew. And all of our hard working, kind hearted boys were told this horrifying news from kids at school. This was devastating to our boys. I know it's hard to believe, but this is really what our state soccer association did. This kind of behavior is not OK.
> The reason they gave WSA for kicking our team out is, we did not get a release from the player previous club. The players previous club produced a release that same day and gave it to OSA. The rules are clearly posted on the state cup website, they do not state anything about having to get a release from the players previous club, his season was over. OSA rostered him to our state cup Roster, OSA approved his player pass, OSA approved our state cup roster with him on it. There was no issue until it looked like our team was going to win state cup. WSA has rostered state cup players the exact same way for the past 3 years. Other teams from other clubs are playing in state cup right now who have players rostered the exact same way. This is not right and it is not fair. Our team did everything exactly like the rules say. OSA should not get to manipulate who wins state cup this way. Please be a voice and an advocate for fairness. All clubs should be treated equal by the state soccer association. If you don't think this is fair please voice your opinion. Even if you are a TSC or OFC parent please let OSA know it's not OK to manipulate state cup like this. There are great parents and players at all clubs who want to win fair. The road to the state cup championship should include having to beat the the other top teams, not throwing them out because they are not from a "big money" club. There is nothing fair or just about what OSA is doing and they are not following any rules and they are breaking the hearts of many fine young men who have earned the right to play for the state championship.
> The WSA 99 Boys are almost all minorities, they are hard working, kind hearted, kids and they have worked very hard to become state and regional contenders. They are undefeated in state cup and earned the right to be there. Every player who stepped on the field was legally on the roster and had a player pass, all approved by OSA.
> Please let OSA know what you think. Should kids be eliminated from state cup simply because they do not pay thousands of dollars a year each to play soccer? There is nothing wrong with the "Big Money" clubs, they have some great coaches and great players. So do the other clubs. We should be treated equal. All we want is for OSA to Let the WSA 99 Boys play.
> Please voice your opinion I am pasting OSA's contact information below.
> Phone 918-627-xxxx email: S.goodrich@oksoccer.com or Kurt@OKsoccer.com 918-906-xxxx>
> Please pass this on to everyone you know.
> Thank you for reading this,
> Nancy Miller
> Curtis and Martels Mom and second Mom to all the WSA 99 Boys

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Re: UPSET WITH Oklahoma Soccer Association

Post by soccerschmuck on Thu May 22, 2014 12:56 am

WOW! Even though I don't agree with decisions OSA makes or might make (U11 forced to play 8v8 when club wants to play up in 11v11) I highly doubt this is the true and complete story. Organizations have rules and bylaws in place for a reason and when they start ignoring those the organization crumbles at some point. I'm sure there is more to the story. Hope someone can fill us in.


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Re: UPSET WITH Oklahoma Soccer Association

Post by SpeedKills on Fri May 23, 2014 3:45 pm

Rumor has it that they had some "age issues" and were called on it. Rules have to be followed or there are consequences.


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Re: UPSET WITH Oklahoma Soccer Association

Post by Gunners006 on Fri May 23, 2014 4:11 pm

But OSA saw the roster before they even played, so if there was a problem they should have not let them in the tournament!!! If there is smoke there must be a fire!!!


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Re: UPSET WITH Oklahoma Soccer Association

Post by SpeedKills on Fri May 23, 2014 5:03 pm

Agree...This one could get interesting! I wonder if there was some funny business with regard to roster. You would think OSA had good cause to do what they did. I have heard from two different sources that one quest was defintiely not a 99.


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Re: UPSET WITH Oklahoma Soccer Association

Post by 05GKdad_Tulsa on Fri May 23, 2014 5:56 pm

I think we have all been around tourney check-ins that haven't paid as much attention as they should.

Sounds like that may be the case here.

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Re: UPSET WITH Oklahoma Soccer Association

Post by Sponsored content

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